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Get detailed, reproducible bug reports directly in your favorite bug tracker.


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Extensions for every browser

Always reproducible

User Bug Report collects console logs, network requests, screenshots, and page metadata to make it quick and easy to reproduce the issue. Check out a live example here.



Instant feedback

Let your users tell you as soon as something breaks. With the click of a button, User Bug Report lets them submit bug reports directly from your app.

Deploy fast

Drop in our script tag and you're off and running. Or use the React SDK to tailor the look and feel to your own brand.

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No plans. No Tiers.
$20/mo per project

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What counts as a project?

A project is an integration into your app's code with User Bug Report. For example, using User Bug Report in your website and your mobile app would count as 2 projects.

Can I change the Bug Button CSS?

Yes! You can use the CSS API to do this.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

You are not charged by bug report, so there's no need for a discount!

Where do my bug reports go?

Bug reports are sent directly to your bug tracker of choice. Bug reports will contain a description provided by the user, a screenshot, console logs, browser/device data, and network requests

How many bug trackers can I use?


How many users can I have?



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