Announcing User Bug Report

We’re excited to announce the launch of User Bug Report, a tool to let your users submit bugs directly from your app or website. No more bug reports via email or chat. No more asking users to ‘make a ticket’ in another system they don’t know how to use. No more fussing with giving users JIRA logins, or hooking up complex help desk email integrations. No more vague “it’s broken” -- without knowing what “it” is.

user bug report notes
Users can markup a screenshot with pinned notes, explaining the issue they're seeing.

Drop a single script into your page, and we’ll do the rest.

User Bug Report collects the page metadata, screenshot, URL, time, date, local, user, console logs, the entire web page DOM behind the scenes when the user hits the User Bug Report button. Users can write in additional comments and hit submit, creating a great bug report.

You can see an example here from our own GitHub.

user bug report report
User Bug Report captures console logs, network requests, and more to help you reproduce the issue.

User Bug Report works with your existing bug tracking and workflow, you won’t need to migrate systems, and you won’t need to change how you work. Our easy to use dashboard lets you connect User Bug Report to your existing bug tracking system, as well as to custom integrations limited only by your imagination. We currently support:

  • GitHub Issues
  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Email
  • S3

And coming soon:

  • GitLab Issues
user bug report integration
Integrate quickly and easily. Either drop in our JavaScript tag or use the React SDK.

Just log in to the dashboard, activate the integrations you want to use, and paste in the BugButton code to your page or app. Bugs reported by your users will start flowing to the system and project of your choice.

User Bug Report has a super lightweight footprint on your page, and won’t slow you down. The Bug Button interface is fully customizable in your page with both an API and replaceable markup -- you can make User Bug Report look any way you want it.

User Bug Report is affordable -- we don’t charge by the user or by the number of bugs your users submit -- just by the number of projects you activate -- all at a low monthly rate.

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