Announcing Our Chrome Extension

Today we're excited to announce the release of the User Bug Report Chrome Extension. You can now use User Bug Report without having to embed anything on your website or app. Just install the Chrome extension and you're ready to start creating high quality, reproducibile bug reports.

The User Bug Report Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.


You can install the User Bug Report Chrome Extension via the Chrome Web Store. Visit our page and click the Add To Chrome button. You'll be prompted, asking if you're sure you want to add the extension. Enthusiastically click Yes.

Install our Chrome Extension via the Chrome Web Store.

How it works

Make sure to pin the Chrome Extension to your toolbar. Using it is as easy as clicking a button. When you're on a page that you want to file a bug for, simply click the User Bug Report Chrome Extension Button. If you haven't already logged in, you'll be prompted to login to your User Bug Report account. Login is done via our web app: Upon logging in sucessfully, you'll see a screen like this:

Log into the Chrome Extension via

After logging in the first step is to pick where you want your bug report to go. Don't worry, you won't need to do this every time. The extension will remember the last selection you made so you're not constantly setting the project name.

Setup where you want your bug reports delivered.

After you click on "Report a Bug", the chrome extension will open a new tab to report the bug. We do this to ensure the page the bug is being reported on is kept 100% in tact. Overkill? Maybe. But you'll thank us later 😃.

A new tab will open after clicking 'Report a Bug'.

In addition to a title and description, you'll also have the option to annotate the screenshot. We provide a few different mechanisms to do this: pin/comments, pen, highlighter, and eraser. You can use these to call out issues, make more detailed notes for your dev team, or just give a friendly hello!

Annotate defects using the markers or add a pin and make comments.

Once you've filled out the form you can submit the bug report. The tab will disappear and you can get back to business! The bug report will appear in the location you initially selected. If you want to report another bug, just click the Chrome Extension again.

Your bug report comes out the other end.

Wrapping up

For more details on using the Chrome Extension, check out our docs.

Remember! User Bug Report is free for open source projects. This provides a great opportunity to test out User Bug Report without having to make any commitments, get out your credit card, or convince your colleagues (although that won't be difficult 😉).

So take the Chrome Extension for a spin and let us know what you think!

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